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Do I need a website?  Do I need to be active on social media?

These days, in the era of online presence and social media it is easy to answer these questions!

The answer is, if you have a business, you need a website.  You need to be noticed on all the important social media platforms.

There are simply no two ways about it.  It is all about people finding you, seeing you and remembering you. Ultimately it is all about branding and brand visibility but that is only the first step. You need online presence and great content.  It all starts with website development. It is an important step in creating your unique brand and your internet image. You want your logo to get stuck in people’s minds and memories and above all you want them to know what you do and where they can find you.

Your online presence enhances your company image, so it is vitally important for marketing and branding.

It is like the clothes you wear and your general appearance. That is often what people see first about you, and everyone wants to make e a good first impression. You want people to find you, first of all. Then to be intrigued by your image and identity.  You want them to remember you and your products and services. They have to recognise your brand because that is where your business is going to come from.

We can’t deny the facts – 85% of consumers look on the internet first when they are looking for a local product or service provider. Therefore, if you are not there, you lose out on potential business. The unfortunate truth is, if your opposition is online, customers will find them. They won’t find you, since you are not online!  They can only find you if you are there too.

Websites do not have to be hard work or expensive.  We can put you on the web in a few short days, and offer you the best website development services in town, so you can get on with your other work.  You don’t have to concern yourself with the ins and out of Facebook or Twitter, or spend your valuable time sifting through posts and trying to get likes and follows.  Let Clickativity do it for you. We can put you on the www map! Contact us today!

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