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Social Media Specialists

Let us manage your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms.

Be seen in all the right places.  It is easy, with our social media specialist.

Do you know how South Africans use social media?

  • 79 percent of people check their social media within the first 15 minutes of waking up every morning.
  • South African Facebook users spend an average of 3.2 hours per day on Facebook.
  • Twitter is more popular under the younger demographic. In 2015 it counted 6.6 million users in SA. In 2016 it is 7.4 million.
  • Facebook has more than 14 million users in South Africa, adding 2 million in two years. That is more than a quarter of SA’s population!
  • 77% of Facebook users use the platform on their phones.
  • Instagram has 2,68-million users in 2016, up from 1.1 million in 2015.

Social media is the new way in which we interact with the world around us. It can be complicated to navigate without a social media specialist.

It is also a growing trend, right now, due to more people having mobile phones.  Access is becoming easier and consequently, we spend more time connecting wherever we are.

Google,Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are words most of us use every day. What’s more, we don’t just use the words, we also use the apps. We pin, post, like, comment and share. We chat rather than call. Sharing is the most important because that is how we spread the word.  There is something for everyone.  Pinterest for pictures and links to anything that grabs your fancy.  Instagram, your own photo editor where your friends can see your photographs.  Linked In, especially relevant for business profiles and connecting with professionals. Youtube for all your videos, from web commercials to explainer videos that enhance your products.  If your business is not present on these platforms, you are probably missing out on invaluable exposure and no-one can afford that. Marketing follows the people, and the people are on social media.

Save Time!

On the other hand, to be active on all these platforms is almost a full-time job, and you still have a life and other work to juggle. Clickativity can give you more time while you take care of the other things in your life. Let us manage your business’ social media so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

We have the marketing expertise to create your posts and get them out on the right platform. Ultimately, we know how often to post, what to post, how to get more followers and make sure they see you. Our designer takes care of all your designs, and we produce your videos, photographs and more.  All this, while we make sure it happens according to your requirements and budget. We make sure you are on all the right platforms.  Clickativity works within a package to suit your specific needs. Your social media must work for you and we can help.  Sign up now, or contact us for an appointment to discuss your requirements. Be seen on social media because, in short, everyone else is!