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Clickativity – We offer professional services in website development Cape Town.

Let us put you on the WWW map with  Clickativity Website Development Cape Town.  We work with clients around the globe and give you the best website and marketing strategy in 2017. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but work for clients worldwide.  it is easy because it is all online.


Website development Cape Town

Website development Cape Town

About Us - Web Design Helderberg South Africa



Our experts have worked in marketing and media for the last 24 years, in South Africa as well abroad.  We have worked internationally and are used to competing in international markets like Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore.  You can use our marketing skills to move your business forward. Clickativity stays up to date with the trends in digital marketing and web design and we share our experience and skills with our clients.

Clickativity Web Design Helderberg, South Africa

We spend a lot of time researching the best trends and methods in digital marketing. Ultimately we find the best ways to incorporate it into an online marketing strategy tailor-made for our customers. At Clickativity Web Design Helderberg we believe in the following important points:

  • Design is key!  A website and online image is like the clothes you wear.  It is how you make a first impresssion, and it has to be a great one!  Your website’s design will determine in the first 5 seconds if people are going to stay.  A cluttered site that looks “spammy” is going to make them leave quicker than you can say “google.” What people see in the first 5 seconds on your website must already tell them who you are.
  • Great content.  Design creates the first impression but after that you want to them to stay!  You can only do that if you have gripping content.  Beautiful images, interesting videos, and valuable information about products and services is what will make your visitors click through, engage and buy.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.  You could have the most beautiful site on the web, with the best content, but it only means something if people can find it. Don’t dress up and have nowhere to go.  Be seen and be known.
  • The best service.  We value you as a customer and we want you to be happy.  Satisfied clients are part of our image and our reputation!

Contact us today if you want your business to benefit from our knowledge and skills!  Let Clickativity handle your web design and put you on the map of social media and digital marketing.

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Clickativity Web Design Helderberg South Africa