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About Us

Clickativity Digital Marketing was founded by Analize Viljoen in 2016.

We operate mainly in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and the Somerset West area, but a lot of our work is also online, with no geographical boundaries.

Here you can read the story of how it all started and where we are going next.

About Clickativity Digital Marketing in Analize’s own words:
My first real job was to sell curios to curio shops.  I loved it.  I was in my early twenties, and I got a company car and petrol and proceeded to travel the country with my catalogs full of wooden carvings, T-shirts, and other beautiful items.  I worked and stayed in the most remote and amazing areas of the country. I’d be in the KZN Drakensberg, sitting by a fire at night reading books, or talking to other people in the hotel or B&B lounges.  I could go for a dip in the ocean after work the one day, and the next day sit at a waterhole watching lions having a sunset drink. I traveled to places like Hluhluwe, the Kruger Park, Durban, Sun City. There was work at the Wild Coast, St Lucia and Pilanesberg. I spent at least 2 weeks out of every month away from home.

8 Years Later
Then 8 years later I woke up one morning and lying there in my bed, I realised it finally happened:  I wanted to settle down.  Well, maybe not really, but I didn’t want to sell salt and pepper shakers to tourists anymore and spend most of my time away from home.  It was kind of difficult with a two-year-old in tow. So, lying in bed, I asked myself  – then what do you want to do?  An old nagging feeling that I had learned to suppress, started surfacing…  And broke the surface, and suddenly became a wave that I simply had to ride.
So, I drove to the Tshwane University of Technology and enrolled in film school. It didn’t look promising, to be honest.  They got more than 800 applications at the time, and could only accommodate 24 students.
Against the odds, I was accepted and started down a path that was always a dream – to make movies.

5 Countries Further
Since then I have lived in 5 countries, working in many productions in the media, film and TV industry.  When social media popped into being, it was a natural migration to learn all about digital media and make it part of my profile.  After various courses and hands-on learning through working with some of the best marketing and SEO specialists in the world, I thought I had something to give. Clickativity Digital Marketing, once again, started in bed.
It was an incredibly hot morning; the first work day in January.  My job was digital marketing and videos for a particularly nasty boss. As I woke up and lay there thinking about the day ahead, I knew I could not go back there.  Clickativity Digital Marketing was born there and then.

Clickativity Digital Marketing Now
Now it is almost 3 years later, and we have gone through all the things new businesses go through.  The late nights, the creative solutions needed for problems you could never foresee, the financial worries and ‘not-drawing-a-salary’ months. Through conscious, stubborn decisions not to give up. The elation every time a new client signed up. The setting of goals, changing focus, and lots and lots of hard work.
After all that, Clickativity Digital Marketing is still here, working in cape Town, Stellenbosch, the Helderberg and globally, thanks to the internet. We are going from strength to strength, doing what we love for happy clients.
This is as honest an ‘About Us’ page as you are ever going to get.  It is Clickativity’s real story, and it is only the beginning.


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According to our customers, they have 3 main reasons why they outsource their digital marketing:

1. Time

If you are running a business there is often simply no time to give your digital marketing enough attention.  The truth is, online marketing takes time – a lot of it. Time to learn how to do it. Time to create videos and graphics. Time to write content like e-mail campaigns and newsletters.  If you already have a full-time job, it becomes hard, if not impossible, to cope with it all. If you don’t want to add another full-time job to the one you already have, outsource it to us, and claim back your valuable time.

2. It’s Complicated

We all do what we do best. An excellent winemaker doesn’t necessarily know how to design a website or make a video.  We can design websites and make videos, but our wine will no doubt be very dodgy! If you are not an expert at online marketing, there is no need for you to figure out how to use complicated software, analytics and social platforms.  We’ve got your back!

3.  It’s Overwhelming

We often hear, I know I have to do digital marketing, but I don’t even know where to start! When online marketing first started it was okay to have someone in the office post a special offer or a picture every now and then. It has changed though, and now you need a proper digital marketing strategy that suits your specific needs. You also need professional content to use in your marketing. We create all content and will manage every aspect of your online marketing.

We can solve your digital marketing problems for you!

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