E-mail Campaigns and Newsletters

Clickativity streamlines the process of sending e-mails to your subscribed followers.

Once your visitors have subscribed and registered on your website, you want to keep in touch with them, with the latest news, special offers, new products, price changes and everything else that is important to know.

It is important to communicate and keep your customers close to you, and to do that, you need to put effort into the relationship.  Apart from that, any business also wants to make it easy for their followers and customers to visit their website and follow news.

We will make it easy for visitors to register on your site or your social media pages.  Clickativity will also design interactive, clickable e-mails and newsletters to send to your subscribers, with link-throughs to your website.

Clickativity curates and rewrites articles, blogs and other posts if necessary,  to make sure newsletter are interesting and engaging to customers and readers..

We write the e-mail content and create images for campaigns and newsletters.  We will also customise the e-mail content on the e-mail platforms (such as Mailchimp) and make sure your e-mail goes out as an extension of your business, in content and appearance.

Call us now if you want to send create newsletter or e-mails to your followers.