Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your digital or online marketing strategy is your most important plan for getting noticed.

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A Digital Marketing Strategy, the way it exists now, is a fairly new phenomenon. Only a few short years ago, a digital marketing strategy was to tell the receptionist or young computer geek in the office – “Will you make us a website?” or “Ag just put something on Facebook for us.” In some cases that worked well.  In others, well, your website or Facebook post jumped into a vast pool of online data never to be seen by anyone ever again.

2 Choices

Then, marketing people and business owners started to take note of the enormous potential reach of online marketing and only two real choices emerged:

  1. You could ignore it and do business without it.
  2. You could explore it, tap into it and use it to your advantage.

It almost seems like a no-brainer, but firstly you need to know what exactly it is that you will either ignore or explore.  If I go to Clickativity’s Facebook page right now, and click on one of our promotional posts, a notification comes up:

Boost this post.  For R120 you can connect to 64 000 people near you.

And right there is the answer to the question – Why should I explore a digital marketing strategy?

Because there are thousands of people around you, needing, and actively looking for your services or products.  There are also hundreds of other businesses who have similar services and products, and they are already marketing their business to those thousands of people.  So basically, if you are not there, they won’t find you, but they will find another business and buy from them.

The Digital Marketing Minefield.

Like many things, the mine field of digital marketing is rather complex and getting more so by the day.  Even for me, as a marketing person working with these things daily, it can seem very overwhelming.  Just try to add social media share buttons to your website… There are so many options, platforms that you didn’t even know existed, and little icons that make you feel clueless!

Just open Facebook’s advertising platform and try to make sense of it all if you don’t have experience with it.

Even our friend Google can’t always help! There are literally millions of videos of guys in suits telling you how they got rich through their digital marketing strategy or platform.  If you google digital marketing strategy courses, there are again, millions. Google runs its own “Digital Garage” series of courses which is a very good way of getting to know the ins and outs of digital marketing connected to Google, but this will take you a few days to complete.  It is great if you have the time, but everybody doesn’t, especially not if you have a business to run.

So how do you make sense of it all?

The trick is, of course, to have a proper plan.  That is your first non-negotiable point if you want to make use of the digital tools for your marketing exercises. Without a plan, you will be like someone trying to make a chocolate souffle without a recipe.  You might figure it out eventually through lots of trial and error.  Or you could get a good recipe, follow the steps and figure it out from the start.

You need a digital marketing strategy.

That plan is your digital marketing strategy. It is like the recipe you need to get to your results. Clickativity will help you draw up that plan.  Not only that, we have all the tools, ingredients and expertise to implement the plan and make it work for you.

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